Dear Educator:

The employees at the Boys and Girls Club of Benton County and you have a common purpose – to help our children become successful in school. We would like to work with you to that end. As a professional educator, you know the needs and academic goals of our kids better than we do. If you have a student who needs support, we would like to hear from you so that we may make every attempt to provide it. If they need help in a given subject or area, we have a homework help program that can provide it. Tutors can also be recruited for more intensive one-on-one assistance.

If you need a release of information to be able to provide us with any information, we would be pleased to provide you with one. As part of our membership application parents authorize their “child’s school and/or teacher to release their child’s school grade reports and information on general attendance and performance to the Boys & Girls Club of Benton County Inc. for aggregated use in program evaluation and for purposes of support of in-school education in the out-of-school programs. The Boys & Girls Club of Benton County will not re-release personal information provided by a school or teacher.”

If a child needs support and isn’t a member of the Boys and Girls Club of Benton County, a scholarship may be available to them. Let’s work together to make every child’s school experience a success!

You can reach our Learning Center staffs at the following email addresses:

For Bentonville area children in grades K-6 attending the McKinney Unit

For Bentonville area children in grades 7-12 attending the HLM Unit

For Bentonville area children of all ages attending the Bella Vista Unit

For Roger area children attending the Rogers Unit

Academic Success is made possible through funding from the Cox Communications, General Mills, Procter & GambleArkansas Arts Council, Bank of America, United Way of Northwest Arkansas, and the Walmart Foundation

Support for Academic Success

Homework Assistance
Each day after school, homework assistance is offered to help youth successfully complete and submit schoolwork. The program assists children in keeping up with their assigned work.

Individual Support
This program includes tutoring and computer assisted, self-directed learning to help children regain and retain proficiency, especially regarding reading and math. Children are more likely to keep up with their peers and stay engaged in the learning process.

High Yield Learning
Research shows that when kids are engaged in fun, yet educational games and activities outside of class, they do better in school. The Boys & Girls Club provides daily educational activities for youth through discussion groups, clubs, games and more.

Summer Learning Program
Summer learning supports youth that have previously experienced or are currently at-risk for a reading or math skill loss during the summer months. Children typically show improvement or no loss in reading comprehension, accuracy and fluency, as well as gaining or retaining math skills.

Art Education
Daily art activities including drawing, painting and sculpting are available to all children. An annual talent show provides the opportunity for club kids to participate in the performing arts. In addition, members at the Rogers club learn new dance moves each week- from jazz, tap, ballet, hip-hop to step dance and Mexican heritage dances.

Technology Education
In the tech room, youth learn basic hardware and software sills, have controlled internet access and learn internet safety. Club kids also have opportunities to learn more advanced skills in the graphic arts and webpage design through formal instruction and self-directed learning.

STEM Programs
The Boys & Girls Club of Benton County sponsors science, technology, engineering and math programs at club facilities. Youth can even participate in a First Lego League team, building a robot, or learn about astronomy from local experts.

Preparing for Career and Post-Secondary Education

junior staff

Junior Staff
We host a career preparation program that introduces youth, ages 15-18, to the process of entering the workforce. Teens learn resume building, interview skills and financial literacy. The program also offers professional experience at the club.

hispanic scholarship fund

Hispanic Scholarship Fund
This program teaches and guides at-risk middle school youth, especially Latino youth, of the possibilities offered through higher education. We expose youth to a variety of occupations and provide career education as well as resume building skills.

Goals for Graduation
The program provides at-risk middle school youth with a mentor and helps them prepare for secondary education.

This program prepares older youth to obtain postsecondary degrees and education. Club kids learn about making career choices, choosing a college, financing their education and university life. They also visit college campuses to experience the university environment and speak with enrollment advisers.

Support for Academic Success
You can show your support for academic success by sponsoring one or more of the many education programs at the Boys & Girls Club of Benton County. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities contact Amanda Cupp

Information regarding ACT/SAT Test review programs

With your donation, you can help the Boys & Girls Club of Benton County develop healthy, successful children with the confidence to make positive life choices.