Physical Fitness and Nutrition Education To Develop

Healthy Children

Picture074Physical Fitness: Every day children and youth perform a fitness challenge that is designed to meet exercise intensity and duration levels recommended by the Arkansas Department of Education curriculum framework.

In 2014, 1,868 children have completed a total of 25,487 Fitness Challenges. On average 129 children participated in a Fitness Challenge each day. In each of the 740 Fitness Challenges held at the four Boys and Girls Club facilities, 100% of the youths met the exercise duration level and 68% met the exercise intensity level recommended by the Arkansas Department of Education curriculum framework. 83% of the parents of 2,700 children surveyed since 2010 report that their children are more active since joining the Club on the annual Caregiver Needs and Outcome Assessment.

IMG_5579Nutrition Education: Includes the Healthy Habits and Cooking Matters curricula for nutrition education. Both curriculum consists of age-level curriculum to helping kids develop knowledge and skills to make smart food choices, understand appropriate portion sizes, and create fun and healthy meals. Cooking Matters also has a parent component where adults can learn to cook affordable healthy meals.

Kids participating in nutrition education classes achieved a significant increase in nutrition knowledge from pretest to post test and improved their eating habits to accommodate healthier alternatives.

Of 2,202 youth surveyed since 2011, 57% report having improved skills to make positive food choices since joining the club on our annual Child Needs and Outcome Assessment.

The rate that our kids exercised 5 or more days per week is 7% greater overall than other Clubs nationally and 11% greater than the Clubs in the state. For kids of Hispanic ethnicity it is 22% and 33% greater, respectively.

 Prevention and Health Promotion

Dental Screening
Since 2010, 1,518 kids have been provided a dental screening.  The dental screening is sponsored by the Johnson & Johnson family of companies.


P&GCrest Kids
We host an oral health program, targeted for 6-15 year old club members. The program provides education about oral hygiene and provides children with the tools to maintain great oral health.  Crest Kids is sponsored by Procter & Gamble.

Become a Program Sponsor
Community investment is needed to expand program participation and continue achieving positive results. Various health and fitness sponsorship opportunities are available. For more information on how you can become a program sponsor Contact Amanda Cupp

  With your donation, you can help the Boys & Girls Club of Benton County develop healthy, successful children with the confidence to make positive life choices.