BGC Benton County’s volleyball program is one of four sports programs offered at the club. The program provides a fun and safe opportunity for youth to develop their skills while creating equal opportunities for all participants. All games and practices will take place at McKinney or HLM.



Youth in grades 3-8 are eligible to play


Important Dates

The season will take place from the end of August to the beginning of November


Registration Information

Registration will be open July 29 – August 15 on our online enrollment system. To access the online portal, click here. Sign-up options are found under the “Activities” tab during the enrollment period.



The cost to play is $100 plus the $20 athletic registration fee

2019 Schedule

3rd and 5th Grade Volleyball Schedule 2019
McKinney Unit
Saturday, September 21 Saturday, September 28
9:00am Badgers vs Cardinals 9:00am Badgers vs Wildcats
10:00am Gators vs Badgers 10:00am Wildcats vs Vols
11:00am Gators vs Wildcats 11:00am Gators vs Cardinals
12:00pm Hawkeyes vs Wildcats 12:00pm Gators vs Spartans
1:00pm Spartans vs Vols 1:00pm Huskies vs Cardinals
2:00pm Vols vs Huskies 2:00pm Hawkeyes vs Spartans
3:00pm Hawkeyes vs Huskies
Saturday, October 5 Saturday, October 12
9:00am Vols vs Gators 9:00am Wildcats vs Badgers
10:00am Hawkeyes vs Gators 10:00am Spartans vs Badgers
11:00am Vols vs Badgers 11:00am Huskies vs Spartans
12:00pm Badgers vs Hawkeyes 12:00pm Vols vs Cardinals
1:00pm Gators vs Huskies 1:00pm Vols vs Hawkeyes
2:00pm Wildcats vs Huskies 2:00pm Cardinals vs Hawkeyes
3:00pm Cardinals vs Wildcats
4:00pm Cardinals vs Spartans
Saturday, October 19
9:00am Vols vs Hawkeyes *Single Elimination Tournament will be held Saturday October 26, 2019
10:00am Cardinals vs Gators
11:00am Huskies vs Badgers
12:00pm Spartans vs Huskies
1:00pm Wildcats vs Spartans
6th and 8th Grade Volleyball Schedule 2019
HLM Athletic Department
Saturday, September 21 Thursday, September 26
9:00am Yellow Jackets vs Waves 6:00pm Sooners vs Yellow Jackets
10:00am Waves vs Hawkeyes 7:00pm Sooners vs Hawkeyes
11:00am Panthers vs Bears 8:00pm Panthers vs Hawkeyes
12:00pm Panthers vs Hawkeyes
1:00pm Sooners vs Huskies
2:00pm Bears vs Sooners
3:00pm Wildcats vs Huskies
Saturday, September 28 Thursday, October 3
9:00am Hawkeyes vs Wildcats 6:00pm Panthers vs Yellow Jackets
10:00am Sooners vs Waves 7:00pm Huskies vs Panthers
11:00am Panthers vs Wildcats 8:00pm Sooners vs Wildcats
12:00pm Panthers vs Waves
1:00pm Bears vs Hawkeyes
2:00pm Bears vs Huskies
3:00pm Huskies vs Yellow Jackets
Saturday, October 5 Thursday, October 10
9:00am Huskies vs Hawkeyes 6:00pm Sooners vs Yellow Jackets
10:00am Bears vs Hawkeyes 7:00pm Bears vs Sooners
11:00am Sooners vs Huskies 8:00pm Yellow Jackets vs Wildcats
12:00pm Bears vs Sooners
1:00pm Panthers vs Waves
2:00pm Bears vs Yellow Jackets
3:00pm Waves vs Wildcats
4:00pm Wildcats vs Hawkeyes
Saturday, October 12 Thursday, October 17
9:00am Bears vs Waves 6:00pm Sooners vs Panthers
10:00am Waves vs Hawkeyes 7:00pm Sooners vs Wildcats
11:00am Yellow Jackets vs Hawkeyes 8:00pm Yellow Jackets vs Panthers
12:00pm Bears vs Wildcats
1:00pm Waves vs Huskies
2:00pm Panthers vs Wildcats
3:00pm Huskies vs Panthers
Saturday, October 19
9:00am Waves vs Hawkeyes *Single Elimination Tournament will be held Saturday October 26, 2019
10:00am Waves vs Bears
11:00am Huskies vs Bears
12:00pm Waves vs Yellow Jackets
1:00pm Wildcats vs Huskies
2:00pm Huskies vs Yellow Jackets
3:00pm Wildcats vs Yellow Jackets

2019 Standings

3rd – 5th Grade League
Teams: Wins: Loses:
Vols 7 1
Badgers 6 2
Hawkeyes 5 3
Wildcats 5 3
Cardinals 4 4
Huskies 3 5
Spartans 2 6
Gators 0 8
6th – 8th Grade League
Team: Wins: Loses:
Panthers 12 0
Sooners 9 3
Waves 8 4
Hawkeyes 8 4
Wildcats 6 6
Bears 2 10
Yellow Jackets 2 10
Huskies 1 11