Annual Reports

About the Boys & Girls Club of Benton County

The Boys & Girls Club of Benton County serves thousands of youth annually through its after school, summer and athletic programs. The club offers a safe, convenient and affordable place for children to learn, play, socialize and develop skills that are essential to a successful and productive future.

Incorporated in July of 1991, the Boys & Girls Club of Benton County was established in partnership with family and community to provide facilities, programs and services that enable youth to realize their full potential. The club is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who in addition to their personal financial contributions, take an active role in club activities and programs.

From our modest beginnings in one small building, we now operate four facilities serving five school districts across Benton County. Just like Northwest Arkansas, the club has experienced an explosion of growth and diversity over the past ten years. We welcome you to the Boys & Girls Club of Benton County.

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